Yes! All Summer Staffers are paid, and the position includes provided meals and housing (and entertainment!). And for each year you return, you receive a pay increase!

Summer Staffing at Bair Lake Bible Camp is much more than a one-summer experience. Summer Staff is the opportunity to live and serve in a tightly-knit community of like-minded believers, making an impact that will last for generations. You will be poured into by our full-time staff, who strives to help every Summer Staffer grow professionally, personally, and spiritually throughout the summer. You will have the chance to take positive risks, disconnect from the outside world for a while, and challenge yourself to serve Christ wholeheartedly. You will get to live in a beautiful piece of southwest Michigan and encounter the glory of God through nature, surrounded by a loving community while you take steps into adult independence and service. You will develop skills in several areas of ministry and grow in characteristics that are highly sought by employers, such as emotional intelligence and teachability. It truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… and we would love to consider you for it!

The ideal age range is 18-25 years old.

If you are 17 and interested, apply, but know that age is a consideration because of the legal requirements for many of the positions. We have hired a few 17-year-olds in the past, and under the right circumstances we will continue to do so!

We begin with two weeks of staff training (usually beginning the first week of June, though this changes slightly each year), followed by eight weeks of camp. On the last day of camp, we have a huge celebration of the summer, and Summer Staff leaves the following day.

Most Summer Staffers have 2-3 main jobs that they rotate through over the course of the summer. Example: Staffer A is a Lifeguard for 5 weeks, and a Cabin Leader for 3 weeks. Staffer B is a Day Camp Leader for 3 weeks, an ACE Leader for 3 weeks, and a Maintenance Leader for 2 weeks. Staffer C is an A/V Leader for 6 weeks, and a Cabin Leader for 2 weeks. As you can see, every case is different!

Yes! There are two weeks of training for Summer Staff. Lifeguard or CPR certification is not required before arriving at camp (though it is helpful)! Any jobs that require additional training will be communicated to you in the interview process.

After completing the application and pursuing your references, you will be contacted via email to continue the process.

Every staffer gets Saturday off during the summer to practice Sabbath rest and prepare for the upcoming week. Extended time-off (such as a 5-day vacation) is not encouraged, but it is possible if necessary. It is determined on a case-by-case basis. Please note any time off needed in your application, and it will be discussed in your interview.

While we would love to have you here for the whole summer, we understand that our last week of summer may coincide with your college orientation, RA training, etc. As with the previous question, please note any reason needed to leave camp early, and we will discuss it in your interview!

Yes: You are valued and wanted. We will have to say no to a few, but know that we will prayerfully consider all applicants.

If you are applying prior to Elevate, we typically respond within a week. If you are applying during the week of Elevate you will know by Thursday of that week.

If you are able to apply before Elevate that is recommended. It allows us to better know and fill our needs while you have a better chance of getting your first preferences.

After you apply, we look at the needs and fill you into the holes. If you are applying to be a Junior Cabin Leader, you must complete an interview that will happen at Elevate, or over the phone if you are not attending Elevate.

We do not promise junior staffing to all applicants. Positions depend on your application, references, and possible interview.

In the application, you may list what weeks you are available and your desired amount of weeks to staff. You also rate your top 3 job choices. We then evaluate the needs of the week and your skills to fit you into a role.

To be considered for junior staff, students must be at least 14 years of age and attend Elevate or show comparable training. Examples of comparable training are volunteer work in your church and/or youth group, work experience, and similar roles at other camps.