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Adventure Challenge Education                              

Let us help you plan an experience of unforgettable adventures!   

Adventure   Have you ever tried to walk a wire 25’ in the air or build a bridge out of mousetraps?  Our events are not like anything you or your students have ever done or will do again. 

Challenge  Growth takes place through pushing yourself to do uncomfortable things. Our courses allow for the students to face challenges  like fear of heights, group relational struggles, and figuring out tough puzzles in order to not only overcome the challenge, but to learn from them as well.

Education  Our trained facilitators will lead your group in discussion about the activities that will let the students discover the benefits of these experiences. These lessons go far beyond the day trip and can be useful to students and adults alike.

                                     *Your event is especially designed and tailored for your unique group. Return visits will not be a repeat, but a new opportunity to grow. 


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Let others tell you....

My time at Bair Lake was a much better one than I thought it would be. I feel like I was really able to connect with all the other students that went. You didn't just have your separated clicks, Everyone came together and bonded as a group. I became much more comfortable with people that I hardly knew before the trip. I'd love to be able to go again, to be able to spend more time with my classmates and be able to try more new things and go beyond my comfort zone.  Melissa - student 

This is always an experience that we draw upon for the entire year. If a child is having difficulty with a math problem, we refer back to them persevering on high ropes course and so on. The kids get to know their teachers and the teachers get to know the kids and their families in ways we couldn't inside of the classroom. Truly, a one-of-a-kind experience for our 5th graders.

BLBC puts people first. They truly care about their guests and want them to get the most out of every activity. We have never received this type of attention from a camp staff the way we get it from BLBC. Parents always say, "this is what I pictured when you said camp." because of the grounds and how they are kept up.


Grades 5 - 12   Your ACE adventure may include:

Low Ropes Initiatives Limited strictly to the ground, initiatives are designed to teach group members how to communicate, work together, and trust each other. Our trained personnel will present your group with various challenges situated to the needs and goals of the group.  These goals can change each time you come to Bair Lake as there are various choices and ways to use these helpful Initiatives.

High Ropes Course  Ever wanted to walk across a wobbly bridge 25’ in the air? Our High Ropes Course provides challenges like this and many more. The course can be as hard as you want it to be, making it more exciting the more you do it.


Choose your program:  One day – 9am arrival with two 3 hour blocks of activity. Delicious lunch included.

                                        Two/Three days –  Four - 3 hour blocks of teambuiliding with an overnight stay at Bair Lake. Days are customized to meet your goals and expectations. 

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Grades K - 4  will enjoy CAMP DAYSACE2

Designed with the same principles of the ACE days, these days allow the students to work in groups, experiencing new adventures all in a safe, caring environment while having tons of fun. We will work with you to build a day including high adventure activities such as Climbing Tower, Zip Line, and the Stand for example.  Games such as Gaga Ball, Human Foosball, Mini Golf and classic camp activities such as Archery and Canoeing are also offered.  

To schedule your event  call 888-899-7712 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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