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Corporate team

Does your group need a challenge?

We invite you to break away from the office, from your daily grind and let us help you learn about and with your coworkers in a friendly, non threatening environment. Let us help you plan an experience of unforgettable adventures!

The ACE Program is designed to create a fun and safe environment for both individuals and groups to grow. Your group will be lead by a trained facilitator who will present your group with various challenges, from simple activities on the ground to gravity defying feats in the air. Each activity can be debriefed by our staff with the group, which will challenge your team in ways that traditional learning does not.

 Your ACE adventure may include:


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Low Ropes Initiatives  Limited strictly to the ground, initiatives are designed to teach group members how to communicate, work together, and trust each other. Our trained personal will present your group with various challenges situated to the needs and goals of the group. But don’t think you’ve seen it all after the first time. There are tons of activities with different purposes, ensuring that each group is able to be challenged but also have fun. Discussion led by facilitator will assist your group in processeing both the group and themselves, leading to maximum growth. 

 lowropes  ACElow  Low element  ACE 2


High Adventure Ever wanted to walk across a wobbly bridge 25’ in the air? Jump from one platform 25 feet in the air, to one 2 feet away at 24 feet? Our High Ropes Course provides challenges like this and many more. The course can be as hard as you want it to be, making it exciting each and every time. 


 women ropes  corporate  IMG 3163  stand


And of course a delicious all you can eat delicious homecooked meal will be served to satisfy and rejuvenate your team.


To schedule an adventure, or for more information   Call Carl Welborn at 888-899-7712 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Sample day

9:00  Arrive  Team building activities including low initiatives 

12:30 Lunch

1:00 High Adventure including high ropes, climbing tower, nessie or the stand.

4:30  Depart 


"My team definitely bonded as a group, which was one of my top goals. They also came away with a new perspective on relating with one another." 

"Our time at Bair Lake went beyond me expectations. Wonderful value for the money  We discussed how we can improve much of what we do after being at Bair Lake.  Do it!"  Crisis Pregnancy Niles

"The high ropes were very challenging for all, and really fostered a close partnership for those teamed together. Looking forward to seeing how those relationships continue to develop."  


Want to maximize your experience?  Consider coming for an overnight. Accomodations include comfortable cabins, retreat buildings and private hotel style rooms. 

All rates available upon request. 


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