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Frequently Asked Questions for Summer Campers

At Bair Lake Bible Camp we are excited to provide a fun, safe, Christ centered program.  Rock solid teaching, combined with great activities make Bair Lake a place where your child will be nurtured and encouraged in their own relationship with Christ and in their relationships with others.  Your child will return home enthused, telling of new friends, new experiences and how Bair Lake is different because Christ is central in everything we do.  We believe in providing strong Christian role models and train our staff to understand the importance of being an example. We take the responsibility of caring for your child very seriously and are honored that you would allow us to input into their lives.

Who will be my child’s counselor?

College students are employed as lifeguards, counselors, and in auxiliary services. In addition, former campers, staff and friends of Bair Lake Bible Camp volunteer their time for the entire week and will serve as counselors. Your child will be surrounded by people who have a love for the Lord, children, and for serving others.

What about safety?

All staff and volunteers meet the standards for background clearance required by the State of Michigan. An application is submitted and references checked. The majority of our workers are longtime friends and associates of Bair Lake. Weekly Program Directors primarily work in Michigan schools. Bair Lake practices the two adult rule, which means your child will never be alone in an enclosed area with an adult. The State of Michigan has extensive guidelines for the camping industry, and we are happy to comply.

Medical care 

A qualified Health Officer will be on site 24 hours a day for each camp to manage all medical issues. The nearest medical facility is Three Rivers Area Hospital. Should serious injury or illness occur every attempt will be made to contact the parent/guardian.  Upon registering your child, you will be required to complete a health history form, which supplies the necessary information.

What about the pool and waterfront?

Red Cross trained lifeguards will monitor all waterfront activities. The lake is used primarily for boating. During the younger age camps, a counselor must be in the boat with the campers. For “in water” activities all campers must wear lifejackets. The pool is also monitored closely.

Can I pick my cabin mates?

Overnight campers can anticipate being with 8 to 10 other cabin mates as well as with two counselors in (his/her) cabin. You will be able to request two cabin mates and we do our best to meet your request.  Large groups may be split to encourage campers to meet others.

What are the cabins like?  

Two facilities house campers. The main cabins all have air conditioning and share a common bathhouse. The Sunrise Lodge is a self contained building with shared bath inside the building and air conditioning. See lodging here.

How about the food?

At Bair Lake we strive to provide balanced appetizing meals. Should your child have special needs you should contact the Food Services Director Sam Shamaoun.   “Fun foods” and events make meal times an enjoyable part of our camp program. Food Services Practices here, and click here for pics and more. 


Bair Lake Bible Camp is set on 100 acres which allows us to offer many activities including disc golf, broom ball, mini-golf, children's playscape, broom hockey, and soccer. An outdoor game area includes horseshoes, 4 square, gaga ball, human foosball, carpetball and tetherball. Water activities include a pool, canoeing, kayaking, tubing and the water mat. Other activities are outdoor education, air rifles, archery and wristrocket paint ball. Our indoor gymnasium with climbing tower is greatly appreciated during rainy days. Adventure activities include a high and low ropes course, Rock Climbing Wall, double zip line, and “the Stand”.

While fun activities, new experiences, and developing relationships are important, the main goal of Bair Lake Bible Camp is to introduce young people to Christ, to develop a relationship with Him and to then challenge them to grow in their Christian walk.  Our daily Bible sessions will be in keeping with this goal, as will the evening chapel services.

Check in / Check out

Check in begins Sunday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Look for greeters to assist you with camper luggage and to direct you to Pineview Adventure Center. (PAC)

Check out will begin at 11:30am at the Pineview Adventure Center (PAC).  Rally will begin approximately 12 pm so plan on being at camp about two hours to pick up your camper a

Rookie Camp  Check in Sunday 3:00-4:00 PM, or Wednesday 3:30-4:30pm at the Welcome Center. 

Rookie Camp Check out Wed 1:30 PM in picnic area , or Saturday 11:30 AM in the PAC.  Rally will begin approximately 12 PM (Sunday only) so plan  on being at camp about two hours to pick up your camper and speak with his/her counselor before final departure. 

Sunday Check in will occur in the Pineview Adventure Center. All campers must check in, deposit spending monies and see the Health Officer. Please anticipate being at camp 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours. 

Spending Money- costs

Spending money will be deposited with the camp office and a record of campers spending will be kept daily. We recommend $25-$30. We accept cash or check – sorry, no credit cards. Spending money will be used for snacks, crafts, and tubing on the lake. We have a lot to offer at the Bair’s Cove as well - clothing, jewelry, toys and novelties. Unspent monies will be returned to campers.  For higher priced items, we suggest you shop with your child at Check in or Out, or order online at the Bair's Cove online store. (reopening in May).  Camper Care packages are also easily ordered here at the Bairs Coves and can be delivered to your child.    *Family Camps, CIT, and Teen Classic will have option of carrying cash.  

Mail/Packages and more

Mail and packages will be delivered daily to campers. Each camp has their own unique way to make this happen. Packages are a "big deal" to our campers, we invite you to bring a package with you, which we will deliver, or purchase a Bair Lake Camper Care package online (available in May) or while onsite for delivery to your child.         

How can I contact my camper?

For purposes of safety and security, cell phones are requested to be left at home. In situations where parents/guardians feel the phone is needed for the trip to and from camp, they will be checked in at registration, locked up and stored during the camp session. They will be returned to you on the final day of camp. Mail may be sent to 12500 Prang, Jones, MI 49061 and will be distributed daily.

Photos of your child’s week at camp are posted daily on Flickr, click here, on the Flickr icon, or assess through the Facebook page. An all camp photo is available for $6 and must be ordered at check in. 

What should a camper bring to camp?

Bible/notebook and pencil, tennis shoes and sandals, sport clothes/all weather clothing. Modest one piece swimsuit or tankini that covers  the midriff, bedding (sleeping bag, pillow), towels,  personal care items, sweatshirt/warm jacket, flashlight.  One junk pair of clothes that may get ruined. You may also bring cameras, musical instruments, fishing equipment, sporting items, and other special interest equipment. Bair Lake Bible Camp encourages all campers and parents to carefully consider anything brought to camp. Expensive or sentimental items are often best left at home. Lost, misplaced, broken or stolen items sadden us all.

What should a camper NOT bring?

Cell phone, gaming, iPod, mp3, ipad, tobacco, firearms/fireworks, expensive jewelry, illegal substances, knives/weapons, water guns/balloons and gum.

Are there any scholarships available?

Bair Lake does offer scholarships for eligible campers. Please contact the Finance Director, Kimberly Mechling at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 888-899-7712 for an application.  We ask that you check with your local church, family members  or county office for possible help before applying to Bair Lake. 

What happens at camp?

Every camp is unique in its schedule and activities. The younger campers, ie:  juniors/rookies, run a highly structured programs with the cabins moving through the day together. As campers advance in age through the Bair Lake Camp program, increased opportunity for individual choice is available while all activities and participation in meals are required. See each individual camp for sample schedule.

Is a camper allowed to drive to camp themselves?

Yes. As long as the camper has permission from their parents. When they arrive at camp, they need to park in the designated parking area and turn their keys into the camp office for safekeeping.

Who’s in charge?

The CEO is Bob Tissot. Bob has his MA in Counseling and was employed as a Teacher/Counselor at St. Johns High School for a period of sixteen years. Prior to coming to Bair Lake twenty-nine years ago, he had already given ten years to the camp as a volunteer. Each week is directed by volunteers giving a unique flavor to each week. We are pleased to say they all have a long history with Bair Lake, are highly qualified to work with children and have a real desire to see your child grow and thrive at Bair Lake Bible Camp.

Lost and Found

Please contact us ASAP should you discover a lost item at 269-244-5193 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  All items are cataloged and we will work to return to you. We do ask you pre-pay for shipping through an easy PayPal link. (designate in note as reimbursement for L&F).  All items will be donated at end of summer. 

Questions?  Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 888-899-7712.