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Bair Lake Bible Camp 12500 Prang St., Jones, MI 49061

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August 4-10  Price $425

Grades 7-9 


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Action awaits you at Awesome Teen Adventure Camp. Sign up for this thrilling week where you will be challenged and strengthened in your faith and by new experiences.   ATAC is limited in size, allowing you to develop great friendships. The week includes off grounds activities which may include canoeing, rock climbing, tent camping, hiking and swimming in Lake Michigan.


It’s the most amazing place ever! I want EVERYBODY to come here! It’s life-changing! ~ Kate


8:30 Breakfast

9:15 Cabin Devotions

10:00 LowRopes/Specials

12:30 Lunch

1:15 Culture Time

1:45 Specials

3:15 Free Time

4:45 Horizontal

5:30 Supper

6:30 Free Time

8:30 Chapel

10:00 Brush & Flush

10:30 Lights Out 


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