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4th of July Family Camp  June 30-July 6 

Labor Day Weekend    Aug 30 - Sept 2 





Families desiring uninterrupted time of fun for every member of the family.

Families longing for a safe place for their kids.

Families desiring both quality and quantity family time 

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Online or call 269-244-5193

In a fast paced world driven by full schedules and commitments, we invite you to spend a week of quality intentional time with your family. Instead of saying "no, we’re to busy”, say "yes" to time together, taking advantage of age appropriate programs or just resting together all in a safe, family friendly and encouraging environment.

Top notch program. We loved the freedom to do, or not do as we wished.

Our kids loved family camp, and the counselors were great with the kids.

The grounds are spacious and well cared for, there is a diverse amount of activities for campers to choose from and finally, I do not worry about my child's safety in any way!

Friendly, clean, great food, excellent activities.


Housing   At Family Camp you are able to enjoy a wide range of housing opportunite such as  Full service hotel style rooms complete with private bath and linens, or Family Cabins with King Size bed with linens for the adults and bunk beds (no linens) for kids. Click here for housing and lodging info. Or, bring your own RV or Tent and camp along the bluff of beautiful Bair Lake. 

Food You will enjoy meal time at Bair Lake! With an eye to pleasing all ages, our chef Sam Shamaoun will amaze you with the variety and quality of all meals. You'll enjoy a comfortable air conditioned dining hall with all you can eat buffet and drink station at every meal. Please contact Sam with special health related dietary requests. Click here for more info. 

Rate  based on lodging preference and age of family members.   Includes all meals, program and activities. Additional cost for tubing, crafts and personal snacks.  It's a great value for a family vacation!   To view rate schedule click here

Activities tons to do, or not to do. You decide. To see all Bair Lake has to offer click here.

 “Family camp is a great way to spend time with my family in a kid friendly environment, it is worth more than just time and money."



thadSpecial guest speaker for Fourth of July Week 

Thad Stout has a passion for young people and has served the Lord in the pursuit of winning young people for Christ and encouraging their light to burn brighter for Him.  He served as a youth pastor for seven years and has been a senior pastor for over 11 years, and is currently at 12th Street Baptist Church in Kalamazoo.  Thad has been a favorite speaker for our Jr Camp for over 20 years, to let you in on a secret, Bair Lake is the only place where he does speak to elementary students, and they love the unique way he presents God's Word and his passion for sharing. Thad has his BA in Theology, MA in Counseling, and Th.D.  Thad enjoys spending his free time with his beautiful wife Rachel, and their three daughters.


                                  Worship led by Chad Dohring. Kids program with Bair Lake Bible Camp program team! 


kenpierpontSpecial speaker for Labor Day Weekend


Ken Pierpont is the lead pastor at Bethel Church in Jackson MI. From a long line of preachers,Ken began at the age of 14 and is nearing his 40th year in church ministry. Ken loves to work with all ages and in addition to pastoring has an active social media presence including a blog, podcast through which he encourages others. Ken goal " to nudge everyone I meet every day one step closer to Jesus." Ken is father to eight children, many in laws and an enthusiastic grandpa. To learn more about Ken visit his website kenpierpont.com




Jerry Jacoby is returning to lead the kids in song, dynamic lessons and all around fun. Jerry will not only entertain you with song, puppets, games and more, but is also an accomplished musician, great father and grandfather.  We know your whole family will be blessed by the ministry of Jerry. To learn more about Jerry visit here.  


Sample of a typical day                                               

8:00-9:00 am                  Breakfast                     

9:30-11:00 am                Chapel  (Families together, then break-out by ages)

11:00-12:30 pm              Free Time 

12:30-1:30 pm               Lunch                                                                        

1:30-2:30 pm                 Nap Time

2:30-5:00 pm                 Free Time 

4:00pm                          Human Fooseball/Gaga Ball/movie hour                                     

5:30 pm                         Dinner                                                       

7:00-8:30 pm                 Chapel  (Families together, then break-out by ages)                                                                                   

8:30 pm                         Evening activity followed by snack.                                                                           

9:00 pm                         Special for adults/and or teens.