A Letter to Parents
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A Letter to Parents from our CEO, Bob Tissot

Thank you for your interest in Bair Lake’s summer camps.  We are excited to provide a fun, safe, Christ centered program.  Rock solid teaching, combined with great activities make Bair Lake a place where your child will be nurtured and encouraged in their own relationship with Christ and in their relationships with others.  Your child will return home enthused telling of new friends, experiences and how Bair Lake is different because Christ is central in everything we do.  We believe in providing strong Christian role models and train our staff to understand the importance of being an example.

Bair Lake Bible Camp was founded in 1957 by a group of churches known as the Plymouth Brethren.  Initiated and maintained solely on a volunteer basis in the early years, we are deeply indebted to our founders. Currently, we are considered an evangelical nondenominational organization. Qualified volunteers continue to predominant in our summer staff with ten full time employees year round. Your child will be surrounded by people who have a love for the Lord, children, and for serving others.

My name is Bob Tissot and I am originally from Owosso, Michigan. My camp history as a kid was limited, in fact, I returned home and told my father, "I'm never going back to camp for the rest of my life." I now not only work at camp, but live there!  I have my MA in counseling and was employed as a teacher, counselor, coach and director of student services at St. Johns High School for a period of 16 years. I began at Bair Lake as a volunteer, and 27 years ago decided to become a camper, full time and took on the position of CEO.  I love working with kids, and consider it an honor that you are considering trusting us with your child. I've been married 35 years, have 4 children, 2 in-law kids and most recently a grandbaby...Levi. 

But back to your kids...... Overnight campers can anticipate being with nine other cabin mates as well as with two counselors in (his/her) cabin. The twelve cabins are separated by a central bathhouse. Some campers will reside in the Sunrise Lodge which have bathrooms under the same roof as the cabins.  Meals feature a well balanced, appetizing menu. Fun foods and events make mealtime an enjoyable part of our camp program.  A qualified health officer is onsite for each camp to manage all medical issues.

Day Camps are fun-filled, highly structured days. Your child will be with other children his/her ages with 2-3 counselors per group. A wide array of camp activities will be experienced plus a delicious lunch and snack.

While fun activities, new experiences, and developing relationships are important, the main goal of Bair Lake Bible Camp is to introduce young people to Christ, to develop a relationship with Him and to then challenge them to grow in their Christian walk.  Our daily Bible sessions will be in keeping with this goal, as well the evening chapel services for our overnight campers. 

We do not take the responsibility of caring for your child lightly and will strive to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.  If you have any questions concerning the summer program or would like to come and tour the facility, please feel free to call us at (269) 244-5193.

We’re looking forward to meeting and serving you and your child at Bair Lake Bible Camp!

Onward and Upward,

Bob Tissot