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     Grades  8 - 12      Date:  June 17-23, 2018


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Christians in Training is a five year ongoing discipleship camp. Come for one year, or all five and you will grow in relationship to both the Lord and other teens.

Learn in the classroom through engaging teaching, dynamic discussion, service, worship and acitivities. Then, put your teaching to the test as you reach out in service. CIT is the training ground for service, whether at Bair Lake on Junior Staff or return home ready to serve others. 

You meet great people, get good council and get closer to God in amazing ways.

 CIT is the best opportunity I have ever had to really dig in and learn about Jesus like never before.

 I learned new ways to defend my faith and how to pray in a new way.

 It helped develop a strong foundation for a healthy life with Christ.

 It was one of the best weeks of my life to get closer to God

 It was amazing, impactful and definitely will come back. I had tons of fun.

Sample Schedule

 8:15             Open Breakfast

9:00              Coach time, seminars 

9:30-10:30    Seminar 1

10:45-11:45  Seminar 2

12:00            Service Spot

12:30            Lunch 

1-2:00          Down Time

2:00-4:15     Optional/free time

4:15              Coach time/Seminar 3

6:00              Dinner

6: 30-8:00     Coach Time/Seminar 4 

8:15              Optional time  Snack Bar Open

9:30              Group Worship

10:15            Coach Closure-post day wrap up

11:00             Cabins

11:30             Lights Out!


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