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Thank you for your interest in coming to Bair Lake Bible Camp for ACE! Safety, success, and active learning are key factors in obtaining your goal during a day of ACE activities. To ensure safety, our trained facilitators oversee the physical and emotional safety of all participants. Activities will be debriefed by a facilitator who will lead your group in a discussion of the processes and results of the activities, while guiding your team to transfer these discoveries to experience in everyday life. For more information, please click on the link below or call us at 888-899-7712.

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Some of the children who struggle in academics really shined in the activities. What a great confidence-builder. Bair Lake Bible Camp is always a wonderful field trip. Your staff is amazing with the kids.

Betsy RhodaPark Elementary

Students were impacted by a culmination of activities including virtues studied at school like perseverance, encouragement, compassion, courage, and respect.

Jessica RabineParamount Academy

ACE Activities

Low Ropes: sequences of low-ground activities ranging from simple games to difficult problem-solving activities, followed by active discussion

High Ropes: a set of challenge obstacles hung over 20 feet in the air to give students a chance to challenge themselves while still remaining safe

Outdoor Climbing Wall: a 30 foot, 3-sided wall with every difficulty of climbing available, allowing students to stretch themselves and encourage one another

Double Zip Line: at a height of 20 feet, two zip lines spanning a distance of 300 feet challenges students to take a bold step with a friend by their side

The Stand: 3 different pole heights are available to climb, stand on top of, and jump off to hit the hanging bag just a few feet away

Nessie: several wooden beams are suspended in the air for one person to walk across while their team members on the ground use ropes attached to the beams to create a balanced walking path