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Room for more campers

Room for more staff to serve

Room for more relationships

Room for more of Jesus

 Bair Lake Bible Camp is embarking on a new exciting adventure, to expand camper capacity, to invest in intentional discipleship and to update infrastructure to ensure another 60 years of vibrant ministry and another 60 years of lives impacted for Christ!    You can help make the difference.


One project – Multiple Phases

Phase 1: Campus improvements, $400,000-$600,000

Removal of older housing unit  Retreat Center

Acquiring housing for discipleship students and/or interns. 

Housing for on-site staff

Road renovation/construction


Phase 2: Cabin Construction  $600,000

A four cabin building will be built mirroring the existing cabins, allowing space for 48 campers.

Phase 3: Conference Room  $700,000

Centrally located by the cabins. The conference room will appeal to our winter guests and help draw additional rental opportunities.

Phase 4: Cabin Construction  $600,000

A second four cabin building will be constructed. The building will allow for an additional 48 campers occupancy.

A concern has been expressed in that Bair Lake is small and relationally based, and yes, we are commited to that philosophy.  Currently our College staff (Senior Staff) have been living in sub-standard housing. This plan will allow the Senior Staff to move to Sunrise Lodge (which currently hosts campers). Campers would move to new cabins centrally located by others.  With the completion of phase 4 we will have room for an addtional 48 campers.  


Would you help...make room for more?  


     All donations are tax exempt.  Prefer another method?  Mail to Bair Lake Bible Camp 12500 Prang, Jones, MI 49061, or call 888-899-7712.