High School Fall Retreat

October 18-20, 2019

Guest Speaker: AJ Garcia

AJ Garcia is the director of social media at West Side Community Church in Traverse City, MI. His favorite thing about his job is being a part of student ministries. He love love youth and believes they have value, potential, and amazing taste in memes. AJ believes their is a God that fully knows and loves us. That is the hope the world needs and message he loves to preach. When AJ is not at work, he enjoys spending time on Instagram and drinking coffee.

Worship: Jennie Wellsand

Jennie Wellsand Juuba is a contemporary Christian music singer and song writer from Valparaiso, IN. Jennie has been leading worship for 16 years and has been blessed to travel around the world with her music since her 1st album released in 2011. Jennie has a huge heart for missions and Uganda and India and hopes to live overseas one day.