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Bair Lake Bible Camp 12500 Prang St., Jones, MI 49061

 Life change...is happening! 

"I didn't want to be an ignorant atheist."


Bair Lake Bible Camp is not just a one week event,

it’s an experience. As a camper and as a staffer at Bair Lake I’ve been able to reach out of my comfort zone and do things I may never have been able to do before. I faced my fear of heights by taking the leap of faith at the zipline, I dressed up in a lot of strange costumes and I developed a genuine, deep, personal relationship with God.

One of the most unique aspects of Bair Lake is that they are relationally based. Bair Lake encourages counselors to form bonds with their campers and campers to form bonds with their peers. I have built some of the strongest relationships I have ever had at Bair Lake. I found a mentor in a former counselor and made some of my best friends in former cabin mates and fellow Jr staffers. As a counselor, I was able to form personal connections with my campers, which made it that much easier to share the gospel with them.

Bair Lake is a launching pad. It has allowed me to develop into a confident God-fearing Christian. It is a unique camp with endless opportunities to learn and serve and build meaningful relationships. I would not trade my time at Bair Lake for anything in the world.

Kelly Higgins