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Bair Lake Bible Camp 12500 Prang St., Jones, MI 49061

Bair Lake Discipleship is a 9 month program designed for the 18-25 year old believers who are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and are ready to take the next step towards becoming a Christian leader in their community, country, and world. Students will be challenged to grow spiritually, professionally, and personally through a blend of service, study, mentoring, and community.

A significant portion of the Discipleship program will take place during the work day serving in the ministry of Bair Lake. Students will serve 30 hours a week in the areas of maintenance, housekeeping, tech support, general office, food service, and program. Each student’s unique skills and talents will be assessed and developed through working side by side with camping professionals and each other. Living in community is also a unique aspect of the discipleship program and will encourage the students to build healthy relationships with their peers. Along with 30 hours of service there will be 20 hours of training and homework which includes:

Bible Study * Topical Teaching * Leadership Training * Personal Disciplines * Book Studies * Silence and Solitude

Educational Advancement * Mentoring Relationships


Sr Staff 1              Staff BLBC            Staff men


Bair Lake Bible Camp offers this program without charge. Students will receive a $400 dollar stipend each month, shared housing will be provided, and meals when camps are in session. Health insurance is not provided.  Session will begin in Septempber and conclude late May.

Read more about Discipleship in the Discipleship Booklet 2017-18.

How can I apply?

Please contact Ben Beaghan for an application and reference forms. An interview will be scheduled upon receipt of the application and reference forms.

Contact info: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 269-244-5193 ext.207


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